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It's Your 2nd Amendment Right

Many of us forget about our rights until they are in jeopardy. Exercising your rights as an American citizen is a privilege.

Preparation for Protection

Delaying preparation against threats leaves you exposed and open to attack. Preparation is always the best protection.

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Category: Video Training

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Review

Watch and Listen as State Certified Instructor, Randy Picou, reviews and demonstrates the Smith & Wesson 9mm M&P Shield....

Malfunctions of a Semi-Automatic

Knowing the potential malfunctions of a semi-automatic pistol is the first step to learning how to safely and quickly remedy this potentially dangerous situation. Whether on the range or in a real life self-defense situation the reality of a semi-automatic pistol malfunction is a possibility. Don’t be alarmed if...

Foundations of Shooting: Proper Grip

In this short instructional video certified state instructor, Randy Picou touches on all the elements of proper handgun grip. Grabbing a handgun and pointing it at the target is easy, but hitting the target starts with fundamentals such as grip. Learn the proper way to quickly and easily hold...