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It's Your 2nd Amendment Right

Many of us forget about our rights until they are in jeopardy. Exercising your rights as an American citizen is a privilege.

Preparation for Protection

Delaying preparation against threats leaves you exposed and open to attack. Preparation is always the best protection.

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Privacy Policy

GetFirearmTraining.com is dedicated to preserving your identity and personal information. The policy detailed below defines the compilation, use and disclosure of the information you provide as part of your use of this site and its services.

Information Practices

The information that you provide throughout your use of GetFirearmTraining.com is compiled and stored. This personal information allows us to provide you with update information and excellent customer service. This information is also used so that we can update you with new products, services, listings as well as relevant offers and specials. At certain times, you may be contacted to provide feedback so that we may better understand the areas in which we need to improve. These are optional and you may choose to stop receiving these communications by unsubscribing. In addition, you may choose to opt-out of the database that we share with our third parties and sponsors.


GetFirearmTraining.com involves links to other websites that are not operated by GetFirearmTraining.com. We have no control over the content or use of private information obtained on these sites. The privacy policy outlined on this page is intended solely for GetFirearmTraining.com

Cookies & Automatic Data Collection

Like any other website, cookies are automatically stored on your hard drive while browsing GetFirearmTraining.com. These bits of data are sent from servers to your computer and provide websites with information that keep user preferences saved, such as items in a virtual cart, wish lists, etc. These cookies do not save any sort of personal information, only information regarding your machine and the browsed sites.

In order to use GetFirearmTraining.com and its services, please be sure to have your browser settings to accept cookies.

In addition to cookies, other embedded articles allow for automatic data transfers that allow us to better analyze and understand the use and visitors of our site, as well as the services we offer. Our sponsors and other third parties can acecss this data to analyze their own services as well.


Because we are concerned about the welfare of your privacy, we encrypt all personal information you provide with a secure socket layer. GetFirearmTraining.com keeps up with industry standards on privacy protection and keeps all information on secure servers. Please note, that as with all methods of communication, we cannot 100% guarantee secure transmission of information.

Personal Information

There may be times where GetFirearmTraining.com employs other companies to provide assistance rendering services. In these circumstances, these third party companies and affiliates will also have access to your information you provide through the website. For your protection, these companies are prohibited from using or accessing your information for any other use than executing the work we instruct.

GetFirearmTraining.com retains the ability of disclosing your private information when the law requires it or in the event that it is needed to practice other legal privileges.